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We’re small on the ‘BS’ and over-complication

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Simply, we love content that has stand-out and cut-through. From research and copywriting to design and activation, we believe in purposeful content, that’s aligned to your business goals and potential investors requirements.  

We take confidentiality very serious at 2020 Creativ, so we aren’t going to publish our client’s investor decks on our website… that would just be stupid! 


Instead… we’d love to schedule a 15-minute call with you to discuss your project/product and how we can help you to get the investment needed to make it skyrocket to success!


We work with start-ups a lot… we love to see brands grow, and we love being with you on the journey. We also know how challenging it is to get off the ground! 


To help, we offer flexible payment options that allow you to create awesome content, and pay for it over time. Each client’s needs are different, so let’s talk, and we’ll put together options for your amazing ideas and let’s bring them to life! 

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